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Pride and Hope Ministry was founded in 2006 and has provided services to children and families in the Florida Parishes region since that time.


Pride and Hope's mission is to motivate, encourage, mentor and educate at-risk children, youths and families to have pride and hope for the future.


The vision of Pride and Hope is that every at-risk youth and every individual with disabilities and special needs that wishes to reside in their home or in a home-like setting, will have a support system to be there for them.  This system will provide them with the services to live a more productive life.

 M O T T O

Having Pride in Yourself


Hope for the Future

 Help Sponsor Summer Joy!

This summer you can help area children to experience a summer treat! The annual summer camps are planned for multiple age groups and a variety of settings, based on the child’s age and comfort zone. They are held in Angie at the Pride & Hope Ministry Center. Camp includes recreational activities, inspirational discussions, meals and more.


For 36 special youth, this summer will include a once in a lifetime trip! 36 youth and their chaperones will travel via bus to central Florida where they will experience an all-American child’s vacation spot—Disney World. Many of the children who are scheduled to go on this trip have never left Washington Parish, much less gone on a cross-country excursion!


The plans are set for the annual summer camp program and the trip. We are working hard to raise funds and fulfill  dreams and wishes for these at-risk, foster or adoptive children who have already experienced so much hardship in their short lives. You have the opportunity to partner with us! You can help provide summer camp and/or amazing memories for the first really big trip of a lifetime for this great group of children and youth.


Click here to join with us as we work to reach our financial goals for summer! It is so rewarding to be able to bring happiness and hopeful experiences to the youth. 


Parishes Proudly Serving:

 .   Livingston

 .  St. Helena

 .   St. Tammany

  .  Tangipahoa

.   Washington

Hours of Operation:

8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.